enrolled nurse

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en·rolled nurse

(en-rōld' nŭrs)
A second-level nurse who provides patient care under the direction of a registered nurse; in Canada, this title is graduate nurse.
Synonym(s): auxiliary nurse.
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The Ayrshire twins were nearly killed by the incompetence of an auxiliary nurse, who cleaned their incubators without diluting the sterilising solution.
It is nurse Jade's final shift in Barnsley Hospital's casualty department and auxiliary nurse Mike is preparing to give her the farewell she deserves.
The other was taken at Stirling Royal Infirmary maternity unit antenatal ward when Etta was working as an auxiliary nurse.
The Chief Minister said that Andhra Pradesh will get a World Bank project to setup Auxiliary nurse midwife (ANMs) centers in all villages.
Nan, 82, was a bus conductress with SMT buses in Wishaw before becoming an auxiliary nurse at Law Hospital, caring for the elderly.
Former auxiliary nurse Joan Ramsdale, 95, should have been cremated or buried in October when she died of natural causes.
Edgar was a painter and decorator and Thelma an Auxiliary nurse. What about your interests and passions?
The case had grabbed headlines in 2011 after the name of then Rajasthan minister Mahipal Maderna cropped up in connection with the murder of Bhanwari, an auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM).
Mrs Teale, who was wellknown in the village, was an auxiliary nurse for 25 years at Dewsbury Hospital and also worked at the former North Bierley Hospital and Eddercliffe Grange old people's home in Liversedge.
Mrs Jordan embarked on her career as an auxiliary nurse at South Shields General Hospital, now South Tyneside District Hospital, and her career blossomed from there.
After graduating she trained as an auxiliary nurse, but her services were not needed in the war effort so she reverted to her planned teaching career.

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