Relating to an individual or cell with two or more copies of a single haploid set; depending on the number of multiples of the haploid set, autoploids are referred to as autodiploids, autotriploids, autotetraploids, autopentaploids, autohexaploids, etc.
[auto- + -ploid]
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Long-term quantitative analysis of gametogenesis in autotriploid rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss .Journal of Reproduction and Fertility, 113: 197-210.
However, even this criterion was not absolute for taxonomic recognition, as Lekhnovich (1971) and Bukasov (1978) later indicated the existence of autotriploid forms (cytotypes) in diploid S.
Many authors have hypothesized the origin of saffron by autotriploid [4,17,33].
The soybean hypertriploid in our study showed a similar frequency of pollen fertility (63%) to the male-fertile autotriploid (Ms1ms1ms1) plants (57-82%) reported by Chen and Palmer (1985).
A LARGE NUMBER OF AUTOTRIPLOIDS (3x) have been produced in diploid plant species (Singh, 1993).
Although autotriploids in soybean have not been produced from crosses between autotetraploids and diploids, a large number of triploid plants have been isolated from the progeny of different lines of homozygous recessive male-sterile (ms1ms1) soybean (Kenworthy et al., 1973; Cutter and Bingham, 1977; Beversdorf and Bingham, 1977; Chen et al., 1985; Chen and Palmer, 1985; Sorrells and Bingham, 1979).
Chen and Palmer (1985) analyzed meiotic pairings in the autotriploids (2n = 3x = 60) derived from the genetic male-sterile (ms1ms1) soybean.
The autotriploids generally had poor seed set from self-pollination even though they may have high pollen fertility such as in barley (Tsuchiya, 1952), jimson weed (Datura stramonium L.) (Satina and Blakeslee, 1937), einkorn (Triticum monococcum L.) (Kuspira et al., 1986), and pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.
This result was similar to that of the selfed progenies from Ms1ms1ms1 autotriploids (Chen and Palmer, 1985).
Autotriploid and autotetraploid analyses: correction coefficients for proposed binomial models.
Generally, when autotriploids can be produced, they are the best source for primary trisomics.