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They often perform autodiagnosis, autotherapy and ignore physician's advice.
A sister company based in Rowley Regis, Autotherapy Ltd, which designed and manufactured the high-tech equipment used at the centre, has also shut down with the loss of ten jobs.
It provided personal exercise plans using 20 speciallydesigned, motorised autotherapy machines to treat neurological or musculo-skeletal complaints and for cardiovascular rehabilitation.
Instrumental in this autotherapy is his relationship to Frau von Stein.
Also education with regards to prevention and autotherapy is an important component of complex physiotherapy for patients with lymphatic insufficiency.
Apart from specialist physiotherapy, also education of patients with regards to principles of lymphedema prevention and autotherapy constitutes an important component of complex management of lymphatic insufficiency.
Inside its Staffordshire facility are purpose-built machines, developed by Peter's Black Country business Autotherapy.