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Relating to an individual or cell with two or more copies of a single haploid set; depending on the number of multiples of the haploid set, autoploids are referred to as autodiploids, autotriploids, autotetraploids, autopentaploids, autohexaploids, etc.
[auto- + -ploid]

autotetraploid, autotetraploidic

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Proposed needs: A training population of 1,920 individuals of autotetraploid southern highbush
Adansonia digitata is an autotetraploid species issued from a reduced aneuploid chromosomic type such as 4x = 176 [6].
Artificial selection shifts flowering phenology and other correlated traits in an autotetraploid herb.
Tolmiea diplomenziesii: A new species from the Pacific Northwest and the diploid sister taxon of the autotetraploid T.
Bat and hummingbird pollination of an autotetraploid columnar cactus, Weberbauerocereus weberbaueri (Cactaceae).
7/6 TRiNuNioNHooD NoNPoSSeSSiVe 14 letters 8/6 FeMiNiNeNeSSeS(w2) 7/7 auToTeTRaPLoiD 15 letters 7/8 CoCCiDioiDoMaTa (sted) 16 letters 10/6 CoMMoN PRoSTiTuTe (OED phrase)
Because an autotetraploid can theoretically carry four alleles per locus, the number of combinations within a gene and in epistatic interactions among genes is much higher than can be achieved in diploids.
Tetraploid cultivated potatoes are believed to be autotetraploid with a chromosome base number of 12 and a genome size estimated at 840 million base pairs.
If the same meiotic pattern is shown in more than two of the hybrids with diploids having different genomic constitutions, the polyploid plant is an autotetraploid.
An autotetraploid derivative could move to complete metacentricity, but only by fusions between homologues producing when homozygous a pair of pseudoisochromosomes.