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Relating to an individual or cell with two or more copies of a single haploid set; depending on the number of multiples of the haploid set, autoploids are referred to as autodiploids, autotriploids, autotetraploids, autopentaploids, autohexaploids, etc.
[auto- + -ploid]

autotetraploid, autotetraploidic

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Reproductive isolation between autotetraploids and their diploid progenitors in fireweed, Chamerion angustifolium (Onagraceae).
The genotyping process needs to generate enough read depth from each probe to allow allelic dosage interpretation in an autotetraploid species.
Improvement in two-allele autotetraploid populations of alfalfa explained by accumulation of favorable alleles.
Gender determination and mating system in the autotetraploid fern Asplenium septentrionale (L.
Romero-Aranda R, Bondada BR, Syvertsen JP, Grosser JW (1997) Leaf characteristics and net gas exchange of diploid and autotetraploid citrus.
7/6 TRiNuNioNHooD NoNPoSSeSSiVe 14 letters 8/6 FeMiNiNeNeSSeS(w2) 7/7 auToTeTRaPLoiD 15 letters 7/8 CoCCiDioiDoMaTa (sted) 16 letters 10/6 CoMMoN PRoSTiTuTe (OED phrase)
Because an autotetraploid can theoretically carry four alleles per locus, the number of combinations within a gene and in epistatic interactions among genes is much higher than can be achieved in diploids.
Comparison of growth, forage yield and nutritional quality of diploid and autotetraploid maize synthetics.
Bluebunch wheatgrass is comprised of diploid (2n = 2x = 14) and autotetraploid (2n = 4x = 28) forms containing the St genome (Stebbins and Snyder, 1956).
Among 14 autotetraploid plants, for example, quadrivalent formation averaged 45%, ranging from 4 to 81% (Cauderon, 1986).
Tetraploid cultivated potatoes are believed to be autotetraploid with a chromosome base number of 12 and a genome size estimated at 840 million base pairs.