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While one mutation in an autosomal gene may be recessive and another mutation may be dominant, the same gene may be responsible for both syndromic and non-syndromic hearing loss (6-8).
It is inherited by single recessive autosomal gene (Johnson et al., 1983).
However, both crippled calf and flexed pasterns can also be genetically caused and inherited as recessive autosomal gene (Leipold et al., 1993).
INTRODUCTION: Darier white disease is determined by autosomal gene or it is determined by mutation of gene.
Autosomal Recessive A genetic condition that appears only in Disorder individuals who have received two copies of an abnormal autosomal gene, one copy from each parent.
The FecB gene is a dominant autosomal gene responsible for the fecundity of Booroola Merino sheep with an additive effect on ovulation rate firstly identified in 1980s (Piper et al., 1985; Davis, 2004).
We observed no difference between males and females for the autosomal gene topoisomerase II isozyme (3 (TOP2B), located at 3p.
Every person carries two copies of all of their autosomal genes, inheriting one copy from the mother and one from the father.
Most of the autosomal genes have their functional homolog on X chromosome and more or less share the common functional aspect like post translational modification, signal transduction, regulation of synaptic transmission etc.
Although some of these lesions could lie in gene-coding sequences on the X chromosome not assessed in this study (approximately 35% of the total) or in autosomal genes with a male-limited phenotype that in small families mimics X-linked inheritance or they could represent gross genomic anomalies not detectable by this sequencing approach, it is unlikely that such lesions could account for the majority of the genetic defects not yet found.
These findings suggest that tongue folding and rolling traits are possibly products of autosomal genes. It is likely that observed variations in distributions of these traits may be as a result of selective expression arising from natural selection.
The transfer of autosomal genes to the Y chromosome may have countered this deterioration somewhat, they say.

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