autosomal chromosome

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autosomal chromosome

Any paired chromosome other than X or Y (sex) chromosomes.

Autosomal chromosome

One of the non-X or non-Y chromosomes.
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Furthermore, in the current study, we used 35,079 SNPs distributed across the entire bovine autosomal chromosome for the analysis of LD in Chinese beef Simmental cattle.
The IlluminaBovineHD chip was used to genotype 504 young bulls and their autosomal chromosomes contained total of 735,293 SNPs.
k is 4 or 2, which denotes autosomal chromosomes or sex chromosomes respectively.
In addition, chromosomes X and Y are more frequently damaged than autosomal chromosomes (16).
Ne was set at 200 (thus male Ne (Nm) = 100 and female Ne (Nf) = 200 for the Xchromosome), which was estimated as the average of all pairs of syntenic markers in autosomal chromosomes using the equation Ne = 1/([4r.
2000), in which most QTL with at least moderate size were detected on the right or flanking intervals in a 5 cM inter-marker map on autosomal chromosomes when T = 10 (results not shown).

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