Polymerization without the use of external heat, as a result of the addition of an activator and a catalyst.


Polymerization reaction initiated chemically rather than by application of heat or light.
Synonym(s): cold-cure polymerization.

autopolymerization (ô´tōpol´imərizā´shən),

n (cold-curing), the accomplishment of polymerization by chemical means without external application of heat or light.
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The autopolymerization of methyl methacrylate during its preparation can cause thermal damage to the underlying brain due to its exothermic reaction.
2+]-primary amine redox process is deemed as a monocenter initiation, chain transfer of primary radicals (-NH*) and propagating radicals (PMMA*) to DMSO/DMF or MMA, or thermally induced autopolymerization of MMA may lead to free PMMA chains.
The contact between ED Primer and resin cement accelerates the autopolymerization reaction of this material.