au·to·pol·y·mer res·in

, autopolymerizing resin
any resin that can be polymerized by chemical catalysis rather than by the application of heat or light; used in dentistry for dental restoration, denture repair, and impression trays.
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GE entered into joint ventures with Masco Industries, to form Autopolymer Design Inc., and Fitch Richardson Smith to create Polymer Solutions Inc., as mechanisms to speed innovative product development.
Autopolymer Design Inc., the joint venture between GE Plastics and Masco Industries in Rochester Hills, Mich., exhibited the blow molded bumper system it developed for the 1989 Hyundai Sonata.
* Monomaterials systems - The problems and costs associated with separation of mixed plastics and elastomers will encourage a narrowing of the range of autopolymers in use.