The condition of being autoploid.
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Despite the fact that this approach has successfully passed its initial human trial, previous studies reported the issues regarding low autoploidy recombination [20], insertional mutagenesis, and effect of inserted vectors on the expression of nearby genes could possibly limit the application [21, 22].
Moreover, the yeast strain of Rhodotorulaglutinis and its autoploidy have been reported as an effective biocontrol agent (in vivo) and (in vivo) against grey mould of greenhouse sweet pepper [5].
Biocontrol activity and molecular characterization of colchicine-induced autoploidy yeast strains; Tilletiopsis pallescens on powdery mildew and Rhodotorula glutinis on grey mould in greenhouse sweet pepper.
Plant evolution through amphiploidy and autoploidy, with examples from the Madiinae.
The feasibility of improving interspecific germplasm transfer by sexual polyploidization with 2n gametes or induced autoploidy is presented in this study.
They collected and studied diversity of these grasses in Africa, Asia, and Australia, and with the assistance of 10 graduate students demonstrated the significance of autoploidy and gametophytic apomixis in the evolution of the complex.