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Relating to an individual or cell with two or more copies of a single haploid set; depending on the number of multiples of the haploid set, autoploids are referred to as autodiploids, autotriploids, autotetraploids, autopentaploids, autohexaploids, etc.
[auto- + -ploid]
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The first step is to decide whether the tetraploid under investigation is an autoploid (autopolyploid; Kihara & Ono, 1926: 475) or an alloploid (allopolyploid; Kihara & Ono, 1926: 475).
barbata Brot.) appears to be a near autoploid arising from the AsAs genome (Leggett and Thomas, 1995).
The strains used in the study (Table 1) were chosen to represent the autoploid and alloploid combinations that exist within the perennial Triticeae.
In polyploids, GISH effectively confirmed the presumed parental genomes and in addition this technique also provides their origin information, that is, whether polyploids are alloploids or autoploids (Table 1) [13].