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(ot′ŏ-plas″tē) [ auto- + -plasty]
Plastic surgery using grafts from the patient's body.
autoplastic (-plas′tik), adjective
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(1926) Functioning autoplastic suprarenal transplants.
In the same breath, he says: "When, however, the individual modifies himself in response to the environment, the adaptation is called 'autoplastic.'" (16) Indeed, it's no exaggeration to make the contention that street life calls for once 'alloplastic' and 'autoplastic' adaptations, both of which Azure is an example as he says, in his opening gambit to tout a client "I'll do anything for fifty bucks" (TC, 20).
The age of technology and information keeps us abreast of everything related to aesthetic surgery, autoplastic practices, from the organic diet and bodybuilding to doping.
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