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The digestive vacuole of autophagy that results from the fusion of a lysosome with an autophagic vacuole.
Synonym(s): autophagosome
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Finally, the autophagosomes can either fuse with endosomes, forming the hybrid organelle, the amphisome, before fusing with the lysosome or directly fuse with lysosomes, forming the autophagolysosomes to degrade and recycle the sequestered materials [99].
The content of the resulting autophagolysosomes (misfolded proteins, cellular metabolic waste) is then degraded by hydrolytic enzymes.
Moreover, a recent report described the ability of EGCG to increase autophagy through palmitate-induced lipid accumulation that likely involved autophagic flux and co-localization of lipid droplets and autophagolysosomes (Kim et al.
These vesicles then combine with lysosomes to form autophagolysosomes that degrade their contents into amino acids, nucleotides, and free fatty acids, which are secreted into the cytoplasm and reused by cells to maintain homeostasis.