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Relating to or characterized by autophagia.


Relating to or characterized by autophagia.


, autophagy (ot″ŏ-fā′j(ē-)ă) (o-tof′ă-jē) [ auto- + -phagy]
1. Biting oneself.
2. Self-consumption by a cell.
autophagic (ot″ŏ-fā′jik), adjective
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In plants, transport to the vacuole is described by three autophagic pathways of micro- and macro-autophagy (Thompson & Vierstra, 2005; Bassham et al.
David Boudier of Silab described a novel biological pathway for detoxification of skin cells in his presentation, "The autophagic system: A new era in skin detoxification.
Endoplasmic reticulum, a small Golgi complex and some large cytoplasmic vacuoles were found, which possibly represent autophagic vacuoles, as suggested by the membranous whorls within the vacuoles (Figure 3B and D).
Moreover it could be that the chosen cells where highly fluorescence, but actually not that appropriate to analyse the maturation of the autophagic vesicles.
Other topics include autophagic cell death and xeno-cannibalism in gastric cancer, hepatitis B and C virus infection, malaria, and the role of melatonin in producing TNF toxicity in cancer cells.
I have the impression that when the world falls apart in autophagic spectacle, Marcellvs will still be there, oblivious, rapt in this slow movement of rock.
The vacuoles are autophagic and stain strongly for acid phosphatase.
Hyperthermia in combination with oxidative stress induces autophagic cell death in HT-29 colon cancer cells.
One possibility is that the chelate forms as a by-product of autophagic vesicle activity.
CHQ is a potent autophagic drug that may lead to cellular degradation of hepatocytes in the liver with the concurrent production of vacuoles (82-84).
The degradation of the autophagic iron material leads to intralysosomal release of redox active- iron that upon transportation to the cytosol magnifies its cytosolic pool, endangering the cell viability.
In addition, autophagocytosis (demonstrated by the presence of autophagic vacuoles) and macrophagocytosis (phagocytized, degenerated tumor cells which have previously been described as Councilman bodies and are now referred to as apoptotic bodies) were noted in the giant tumor cells with multiple nuclei.