autonomous psychotherapy

au·ton·o·mous psy·cho·ther·a·py

a type of psychoanalytic psychotherapy placing special emphasis on the value of the patient's self-determination in both the therapeutic situation and in real life.
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He tried new names for it, such as 'iatrologic' (5) and 'autonomous psychotherapy' (6), but he disliked pretentious terminology.
In 1965 Szasz published two of his most original and refreshing books: Psychiatric Justice (12) and The Ethics of Psychoanalysis: The Theory and Method of Autonomous Psychotherapy. (13)
It is typical of Szasz that, having subtitled it The Theory and Method of Autonomous Psychotherapy, he wrote in his preface to the 1988 edition: 'there is--there can be--no such thing as a..

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