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the ability of a cell to depolarize itself, reach threshold potential, and produce a propagated action potential; cells with this capability are called automatic cells.
abnormal automaticity a type of altered automaticity occurring in cells that do not normally possess that property, as in myocardial cells with severely depressed function that have lost their fast sodium channels.
altered automaticity ectopic automatic firing of myocardial cells; there are two types, enhanced normal automaticity and abnormal automaticity.
enhanced normal automaticity a type of altered automaticity seen in pacemaker cells, caused by a steepening of phase 4 such as occurs in the presence of excess catecholamines, which causes premature beats to occur.
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Cardiac pacing The inherent property of individual myocardial cells to depolarize spontaneously Neurology Automatism, see there.
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A property of myocardial cells by which they intrinsically depolarize and initiate an action potential.
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Q. My friend told me that following a vegetarian diet will help to lose weight automatically? Is that so? My friend told me that following a vegetarian diet will help to lose weight automatically? Is that so?

A. No necessarily. Your body will be in shock for a bit from the switch over. I think eating natural and unprocessed foods cause the major decline in weight since its all natural.

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The absence of relevant skills or low automaticity can be expected to hinder processing as a result of increased latency and higher processing requirements.
To this end, the paper, first, brought to the fore two aspects of neuroeconomics, namely, that thinking imposes strain on the mind, and that brain activity is a scarce resource, as a result of which individuals economize on the use of brain power by relegating deliberately learned concepts to brain automaticity. The paper, then discussed how this process affects the attitude of an economist trained in a specific school of thought toward the interpretation of current events.
Automaticity is the result of learning, repetition, and practice.
Finally, and in order to maximise the model's overall goodness of fit to the data, the original model was re-specified to include correlation between items 1 and 2 of the Automaticity factor, 3 and 4 of the Imagery factor, as well as 1 and 4 of Attentional control, and 3 and 4 of Negative thinking.
With listening passage preview there is less anxiety and a form of automaticity is beginning to develop due to the model from the teacher or peer.
In this regard, it should be noted that rapid naming has been viewed as evaluating the automaticity with which basic or lower processes are carried out; i.e., it indicates the extent to which such processes become faster and autonomous and require reduced cognitive resources (Norton & Wolf, 2012).
For example, consider the highly valued goal of "automaticity." Whereas automaticity may be a desirable trait in athletics, one could argue that such a goal is not at all desired in music performance; musicians risk being criticized for "wooden" or "uninspired" performances when they are judged as "too automatic." Likewise, risk-taking in sports can have grave consequences (like broken bones), whereas risk-taking in music (particularly jazz and other forms of musical improvisation) is highly valued and even considered a badge of honor among elite performers.
Building automaticity to strengthen mathematical proficiency.
The curriculum in this program, while different from the first two interventions, also focused on reducing automaticity. Some 5,728 males were randomly assigned to units inside the facility that did or did not implement the program.
For the reasons outlined previously, the present study has three aims: (1) examine whether gait automaticity is different between patients with CFS and nondisabled controls, (2) examine the test-retest reliability of the SWECCT test for assessing gait automaticity in patients with CFS, and (3) examine whether impairment in gait automaticity is associated with combined trunk and arm endurance in patients with CFS.
While automaticity may have been working against you and your weight loss goals for years, it can work for you.
Furthermore, Manross and Templeton (1997) cited six characteristics of expertise as planning thoroughly and completely, focusing on individual student performance, developing automaticity of behavior, giving creative feedback, attaining command of subject matter, and using reflective practices.

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