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the ability of a cell to depolarize itself, reach threshold potential, and produce a propagated action potential; cells with this capability are called automatic cells.
abnormal automaticity a type of altered automaticity occurring in cells that do not normally possess that property, as in myocardial cells with severely depressed function that have lost their fast sodium channels.
altered automaticity ectopic automatic firing of myocardial cells; there are two types, enhanced normal automaticity and abnormal automaticity.
enhanced normal automaticity a type of altered automaticity seen in pacemaker cells, caused by a steepening of phase 4 such as occurs in the presence of excess catecholamines, which causes premature beats to occur.


/au·to·ma·ti·ci·ty/ (-mah-tis´ĭ-te)
1. the state or quality of being spontaneous, involuntary, or self-regulating.
2. the capacity of a cell to initiate an impulse without an external stimulus.

triggered automaticity  pacemaker activity occurring as a result of a propagated or stimulated action potential, such as an afterpotential, in cells or tissues not normally displaying spontaneous automaticity.


a property of specialized excitable tissue that allows self-activation through spontaneous development of an action potential, as in the pacemaker cells of the heart.


Cardiac pacing The inherent property of individual myocardial cells to depolarize spontaneously Neurology Automatism, see there.


A property of myocardial cells by which they intrinsically depolarize and initiate an action potential.


the ability of cells, after activity, to depolarize spontaneously, and then initiate a propagated, transmembranous, action potential; in healthy hearts only the sinus node cells reach threshold potential without an external stimulus.

Patient discussion about automaticity

Q. My friend told me that following a vegetarian diet will help to lose weight automatically? Is that so? My friend told me that following a vegetarian diet will help to lose weight automatically? Is that so?

A. No necessarily. Your body will be in shock for a bit from the switch over. I think eating natural and unprocessed foods cause the major decline in weight since its all natural.

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The ability to walk with little or no impairment of performance (termed interference) while conducting an attentionally demanding concurrent task reflects gait automaticity.
The report of the National Reading Panel (NRP, 2000) states that the words automaticity and fluency are often used synonymously.
By increasing automaticity the time taken for a student to perform subtasks is decreased, which frees up their working memory.
Phonics & fluency practice with poetry: Tapping the power of rhyming verse to improve students' word recognition, automaticity, and prosody--and help them become successful readers.
Automaticity refers to expectancies and placebo suggestions, which, after having for the most part circumvented the individual's awareness, gain an implicit power to bring about remarkable changes in behavior (Kirsch & Lynn, 1999).
While automaticity may have been working against you and your weight loss goals for years, it can work for you.
The fact that we can deliver superior deterministic performance with limitless scale in a single, easy-to-deploy network with full automaticity gives significant lifetime savings for service providers, from system cost to installation and maintenance.
Its automaticity not only speeds up the production time, but also improves the accuracy of machine parts.
This subtest examines the child's application of the procedures needed to complete written computational operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), and the degree of automaticity involved.
Moscow's UN ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, said Russian haggling had resulted in a resolution "of a balanced nature," while stressing that "there is no automaticity in taking sanctions.
Each chapter reviews an area of research on learning and findings on topics like why students don't like school, whether knowledge is an obstacle to teaching, the teacher-student relationship, the teacher's personality, the recitation method, teaching for automaticity in basic academic skills, the role of feedback, acquiring complex skills through social modeling and explicit teaching, expertise, knowledge acquisition and storage, the impact of cognitive load, memory, mnemonics, learning styles, multitasking, students as digital natives, the internet and thinking, how music impacts learning, self-enhancement, confidence, self-control, social interactions, inattentional blindness, and effort.
Although the text of the resolution will include a reference to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, Gatilov stressed there will be "no automaticity in engaging" in military or non-military actions without a separate discussion at the UN Security Council.

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