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the ability of a cell to depolarize itself, reach threshold potential, and produce a propagated action potential; cells with this capability are called automatic cells.
abnormal automaticity a type of altered automaticity occurring in cells that do not normally possess that property, as in myocardial cells with severely depressed function that have lost their fast sodium channels.
altered automaticity ectopic automatic firing of myocardial cells; there are two types, enhanced normal automaticity and abnormal automaticity.
enhanced normal automaticity a type of altered automaticity seen in pacemaker cells, caused by a steepening of phase 4 such as occurs in the presence of excess catecholamines, which causes premature beats to occur.


/au·to·ma·ti·ci·ty/ (-mah-tis´ĭ-te)
1. the state or quality of being spontaneous, involuntary, or self-regulating.
2. the capacity of a cell to initiate an impulse without an external stimulus.

triggered automaticity  pacemaker activity occurring as a result of a propagated or stimulated action potential, such as an afterpotential, in cells or tissues not normally displaying spontaneous automaticity.


a property of specialized excitable tissue that allows self-activation through spontaneous development of an action potential, as in the pacemaker cells of the heart.


Cardiac pacing The inherent property of individual myocardial cells to depolarize spontaneously Neurology Automatism, see there.


A property of myocardial cells by which they intrinsically depolarize and initiate an action potential.


the ability of cells, after activity, to depolarize spontaneously, and then initiate a propagated, transmembranous, action potential; in healthy hearts only the sinus node cells reach threshold potential without an external stimulus.

Patient discussion about automaticity

Q. My friend told me that following a vegetarian diet will help to lose weight automatically? Is that so? My friend told me that following a vegetarian diet will help to lose weight automatically? Is that so?

A. No necessarily. Your body will be in shock for a bit from the switch over. I think eating natural and unprocessed foods cause the major decline in weight since its all natural.

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The research on automaticity, as reflected in Banaji's comments, makes it evident that transcending interpersonal and intergroup barriers will not easily result from good intentions or governing legislation.
In the second part we give a bound on the automaticity of the set of irreducible polynomials over a finite field.
Decoding skills are built as individual words are highlighted on the screen, and the interactive games develop automaticity as children progress through the beginning level reading activities to more complex stories.
Continue these corrections until the student has achieved automaticity.
In light of experienced examiners' expertise and familiarity with specific tests, it is likely they have developed greater automaticity with regard to the administration and scoring of these specific tests.
As with mathematical exercises, success in solving word or story problems typically involves a great deal of automaticity.
Researchers have drawn an important distinction between fluency and automaticity (Skinner & Daly, in press).
The term "brain training" implies some kind of special activity that the term "practice" lacks, but acquiring any new skill requires enhanced attention, and with increasing task familiarity comes greater automaticity and increasing dexterity.

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