automatically tuned

au·to·mat·i·cal·ly tuned

(awtō-matik-lē tūnd)
Denotes an ultrasonic device that does not allow the clinician to adjust the vibration frequency of the instrument tip.
See also: tuning, manually tuned
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"New products only need to be passed once through the system for the power to be automatically tuned, and the intuitive software requires minimal passes to effectively set the inspection tools.
What's more is its secondary subwoofer that's automatically tuned for the best setting.
When you say who paid for it, it's automatically tuned out by half the population, because it's associated with being, oh, well, that's a Republican message.
"Our zoolophone's keys are automatically tuned to play notes on a scale with overtones and frequency of a professionally produced xylophone," said Changxi Zheng, assistant professor of computer science at Columbia Engineering, who led the research team.
What: During the event, which draws more than 10,000 law enforcement professionals seeking new information, products and services to improve agency operations, attendees will see first hand how StorTrends' patented blend of SSD caching, SSD tiering and automatically tuned volumes (ATV) provide the ultimate combination of extreme performance and optimal capacity to not only meet law enforcement's data access speed and accuracy requirements, but to meet budgetary needs as well.
Mandra, "Comparison of automatically tuned cascade control systems of servo-drives for numerically controlled machine tools", Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika, vol.
I'm automatically tuned in to the identity of the lesser drivers on our roads.
For some years, Radio Newcastle was the station I, like many others, automatically tuned in to for local news and sport and phone-in shows which gave everyone in the region a chance to vent their spleen.
The Hunan satellite channel was automatically tuned to the Guangdong satellite channel and some viewers got blue or color-stripes while some saw antigovernment slogans and pictures, the report said.
Each of the DAB stations available in your area are displayed and the ones you want can be automatically tuned in and, for extra convenience, you can also store your top 10 DAB favourites - pounds 49.95 from
This allows the initial gap to be automatically tuned by electrostatic force.
The current loop is automatically tuned and a heat-monitoring algorithm allows the motor to operate safely at the edge of its performance envelope.
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