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spontaneous; done involuntarily; self-regulating.
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(ot″ŏ-mat′ik) [Gr. automatos, self-acting]
Spontaneous; involuntary.
automatically (-mat′i-k(ă-)lē)
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Q. My friend told me that following a vegetarian diet will help to lose weight automatically? Is that so? My friend told me that following a vegetarian diet will help to lose weight automatically? Is that so?

A. No necessarily. Your body will be in shock for a bit from the switch over. I think eating natural and unprocessed foods cause the major decline in weight since its all natural.

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'Auto Shut Off' allows a vehicle's engine to automatically turn off after a designated amount of inactivity.
She said that a tab has been made available in the system for this task and the relevant commissioner will approve the said request within three days or the system will automatically allow revision on the fourth day.
FBR Member Taxpayers' Audit Nausheen Javaid Amjad announced in a statement that those taxpayers who were automatically selected for audit under Section 214D due to late filing of returns should now avail the facility by paying penalty or higher tax than previously filed return whichever is applicable under the law.
What are some of the statutory employment rights that are relevant to an automatically unfair dismissal?
Q: Some people think all children who are born in the United States should automatically become U.S.
The Automatic Low Level Bulk Depalletizer automatically removes cans, bottles and jars from pallets and conveys these containers into production lines by utilizing a layer containment device to capture and transfer layers of product from a pallet.
-- Until February 26, members of Rite Aid Corp.'s wellness+ program can earn a "$20 +UP Reward" and be automatically entered into a sweepstakes featuring over $100,000 in prizes as part of the retailer s Winter Rewards program.
The government came up with withholding to take the money from your paycheck automatically before you can spend it.
Rapid CG automatically integrates databases, RSS feeds and custom actions like scorekeeping into templates for customised graphics with significantly less manual effort.
Emerson Process Management has developed a new adaptive capability for DeltaV[TM] InSight which enables the DeltaV digital automation system to automatically learn process dynamics, diagnose control problems, and re-tune control loops for optimal performance.

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