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The literary characterization of a person, real or fictional, which uses psychoanalytic and psychological categories and theories; a psychological biography or character description.
[psycho- + G. graphē, a writing]
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The story of George's "faked" automatic writing is well-known.
Xavier said that his automatic writing came from various sources, including many dead Brazilian poets and scientists.
While spiritualism never really coalesced around a particular church or institution, it grew into a definite cultural practice, one involving Ouija boards, sances, automatic writing, strange electrical devices that looked like they came from the laboratory of Thomas Edison and, at least on occasion, outright fraud.
It's an eclectic blend of faux science, automatic writing, satire, and an attempt to find connections where none were thought to exist--a sort of self-therapy, allowing the hand to say what the voice cannot.
The cosignatory of this manifesto stands out because of the attention he paid to automatic writing and automatism in general.
After James died, according to Wershler-Henry, Bosanquet tried to re-establish contact through automatic writing, a spiritualist practice of communicating with the Other Side.
Obligatory reading for Breton and his cohort at medical school, (23) it was Janet's L'Automatisme psychologique (24) that inspired Breton's interest in automatism, that is, providing access to the most deeply hidden recesses of the mind by way of a kind of purposeful inattention (not unrelated to the channeling of seers or psychic mediums), and particularly automatic writing, which is meant to assist the patient (or poet) to unveil repressed emotions, if s/he 'cannot lift the self-censuring mechanism of reason that bars access to automatic thought', automatic writing can 'squeeze out the data.
Beginning with the process of defining what is meant by "extraordinary", Susan goes on to deal with the metaphysical aspects and psychological elements involving dreams, visions, encounters with the senses of the body, intuitive wisdom, automatic writing, precognition, near-death experiences, psychic energy, and more.
Contrast this to the unpunctuated run-on sentences of Freudian automatic writing and Pedro Salinas' continuous train-like run-on structures.

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