automatic toothbrush

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au·to·mat·ic tooth·brush

(awtō-matik tūthbrŭsh)
An electric device to facilitate cleaning of the teeth at home.
Synonym(s): electric toothbrush.
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To place an order for Zila products, including the Pro-Select Platinum([R]) scaler, the Rotadent([R]) automatic toothbrush, and ViziLite([R]) Plus, please call 800-228-5595.
In the personal care area, Sunbeam is introducing the PediSpa, a foot therapy unit launched under the "Health at Home" banner, the Powerplay Mustache and Beard trimmer, the Heat Plus Gel heating pad, an Oster-branded Silver Series adjustable blade clipper and the PlaqueAttack Rechargeable Automatic Toothbrush.
This product combines the clinically proven plaque removing ability of an automatic toothbrush with the ability to fight bacteria associated with plaque and gingivitis in a single, affordable product that children find appealing to use," said MiMi Heines, Teledyne Water Pik Oral Health professional marketing manager.
The PlaqueControl 3000(TM) Plaque Removal Instrument is an automatic toothbrush that is just as effective as other leading brands at one- third less cost.
to replace as the other leading automatic toothbrush brands.

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