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1. the entire gaseous envelope surrounding the earth and subject to the earth's gravitational field.
2. the air or climate in a particular place. adj., atmospher´ic.
3. a unit of pressure, being that exerted by the earth's atmosphere at sea level; equal to 1.01325 × 105pascals (approximately 760 mm Hg). Abbreviated atm.
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Ataxia telangiectasia mutated. A checkpoint kinase which transduces genomic stress signals to stop cell cycle progression and promote DNA repair, acting via p53, a tumour suppressor protein. Its cognate gene, ATM (see below), is mutated in ataxia telangiectasia, a rare neurodegenerative disease characterised by ataxia telangiectasias, increased chromosome fragility when exposed to ionising radiation and predisposition to lymphomas.

ATM (Gene)
A gene on chromosome 11q22-q23, which encodes a PI3/PI4 cell-cycle checkpoint kinase that phosphorylates, thereby regulating a broad range of downstream proteins—e.g., tumor suppressor proteins p53 and BRCA1, checkpoint kinase CHK2, checkpoint proteins RAD17 and RAD9, and DNA repair protein NBS1.

Mutated in
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Abbreviation for standard atmosphere.
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Dutch residents in obtaining cash from automatic teller machines would be levied extra charges based on the rate of premium.
Normally, Janice Jackson and her neighbor, Mona Jackson, would return each other's mail--until Mona Jackson mistakenly received a pre-approved credit card intended for Janice Jackson and used it to withdraw cash from automatic teller machines. "I received a bill for a credit card I did not have," says Janice Jackson.
They can also pay taxes at automatic teller machines or via cell phones, it said.
That vision is under development now by leading healthcare, communications and consumer organizations--with guidance from Dee Hock, VISA founder and pioneer of the open communications system 35 years ago that paved the way for today's automatic teller machines and credit card systems.
grocery stores will now include Citizens Bank branches that will feature state-of-the-art automatic teller machines, bank representatives offering coffee and other enticing giveaways.
For example, it set up a subsidiary in Shenzhen, China, in July to produce automatic teller machines (ATMs) and plans to transfer color printer production from its plant in Fukushima Prefecture to Thailand in September.
Typical applications may include set-top box, point-of-sale terminals, automatic teller machines, hand-held communication devices, metering and vending devices, and smart card readers.
The new devices, which resemble automatic teller machines, allow voters to cast their votes on touch-sensitive computer screens.
Citing data from a widely disputed Institute of Medicine study on medical errors, Gingrich boldly stated, "It is time to stop defending inefficiency and to drag health care into the 21st century He countered critics' privacy concerns by noting that security technology works in automatic teller machines, which require customers to electronically transmit information about their bank account.
Violent crime, including carjacking, assault and armed robbery, is becoming common in Lima, as are short-term armed kidnappings in which criminals seek to obtain funds from the victims' hank accounts via automatic teller machines.
Most American adult depositors believe that they will have access to their money; that checks will continue to be processed accurately; and that automatic teller machines, credit card systems, and electronic direct deposits will function normally.
The firm, Moneybox, intends placing 1,000 automatic teller machines in new locations such as local convenience stores, petrol stations and night clubs in the coming year, but its original proposal to include bookies on the list has been dropped.

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