automatic gain control

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automatic gain control (AGC),

a feature of some hearing aids that reduces amplification at high-input intensity levels.
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au·to·mat·ic gain con·trol

(AGC) (aw'tō-mat'ik gān kŏn-trōl')
A feature of some hearing aids that reduces amplification at high-input intensity levels.
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The purpose of the automatic gain control algorithm is to stretch the dynamic range of the image to the whole gray level range.
From the microphone units is signal passed to the three channel automatic gain control amplifier and low-pass filter.
Figure 1 shows the VG024 VGA's pinout configurations and Figure 2 shows the amplifier's performance as an automatic gain control amplifier.
Automatic gain control (AGC) logic provides stable, high-speed performance despite the color and contrast of bar codes.
Although mainly aimed at the games market, these speakers perform well with audio too thanks to a feature called Automatic Gain Control which adjusts the bass output depending on whether you're playing a game or listening to music.
Operating from a 3.3V supply, the device provides a minimum bandwidth of 1000MHz and features an on-chip automatic gain control circuit enabling the AMT128503T56F to handle high optical input powers up to 0dBm.
Unlike competing single-chip tuner offerings, the SiW100 cable tuner IC includes the front end low-noise amplifier (LNA), automatic gain control (AGC), voltage control oscillator (VCO) and synthesizer while eliminating the need for external resonant elements, thereby simplifying the design and manufacture of the RF front end.
Rather, microphone design, the automatic gain control circuitry (AGC) in individual transmitters, receivers, and recorders, the bandwidth of the equipment, and other factors may all contribute to the phenomenon.
- Six automatic gain control (AGC) versions for short and long burst codes

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