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da·ta pro·cess·ing

(dā'tă prō'ses-ing),
Conversion of crude information into usable or storable form; statistical analysis of data by a computer program.
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Business outsourcing solutions provider Automatic Data Processing Inc (ADP) (Nasdaq:ADP) is expanding the availability of its ADP Mobile Solutions application in the US, the company said today.
<strong>473,000 Jobs shed in the private sector</strong><br />Layoffs for the month of June exceeded the expected 400,000 forecast amount with 473,000 private-sector employees losing their jobs in June according to a national employment report published Wednesday by payroll giant Automatic Data Processing Inc.
The Dealer Services Group of Automatic Data Processing Inc (ADP) (NYSE: ADP), which provides technology-based outsourcing solutions to employers, vehicle retailers and manufacturers, disclosed on 12 February 2008 that a managed solution, Digital Advertising, designed to deliver the most effective online advertising execution for a dealer, has been launched.
What is great about middleware is it allows whatever software systems a carrier uses for processing claims, such as Mitchell, Automatic Data Processing Inc., Certified Collateral Corp., etc., to be extended to the field for use on laptops, Tablet PCs or mobile handheld devices.
The newest addition to FEI's Strategic Partner Program is Automatic Data Processing Inc.
In Automatic Data Processing (ADP) & Affiliates v.
Parlaying a proven track record in automatic data processing, Brooks used her cultivated relationships in the federal government to secure computer network design and maintenance and facilities management contracts for her new company.
91-59, relating to the basic record retention requirements under section 6001 of the Internal Revenue Code where all or part of a taxpayer's accounting or financial records are maintained within an automatic data processing (ADP) system.
Before that, he was with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) in management roles, including regional manager in the auto dealer services division and vice president of sales, major markets in its insurance services division.
5 June 2013 a[euro]" US global human capital management (HCM) solutions provider Automatic Data Processing Inc (NASDAQ:ADP), or ADP, said it had taken over Chilean human resource outsourcing, payroll and employee benefits services specialist Payroll SA, without disclosing the value of the deal.
June employment data from Automatic Data Processing beat market expectations ahead of the release of official jobs data later in the day, brokers said.
Business outsourcing solutions provider Automatic Data Processing Inc (ADP) (NASDAQ:ADP) has provided an integrated human resource, payroll and benefits solution to Leon Medical Centers, a health care provider for Medicare patients in Miami-Dade County, Florida, ADP said on Thursday.

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