automated dispensing machine

au·to·ma·ted dis·pen·sing ma·chine

(aw'tō-māt-ĕd dis-pens'ing mă-shēn')
A device from which nursing staff can retrieve medications for patients after pharmacist review at the nursing unit.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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Looking like an ordinary vending machine, a shop employee walks up to the automated dispensing machine, enters his employee number and PIN on the keypad or touch screen, and the tool or item needed for the job is dispensed.
The RM was prepared at NIST by distributing transformer oil (Univolt 60, Exxon) into 100 mL amber glass bottles using an automated dispensing machine. The bottles, once filled with approximately 100 mL oil, were then capped with Teflon-lined screw-caps.
The device that may pose the biggest threat to job status of pharmacists is the automated dispensing machine that resides on a nursing station.
Manual dispensing is eliminated and replaced by automated dispensing machines.
Shoppers Drug Mart has obtained some of that efficiency by introducing reengineered pharmacy departments and equipping some stores with automated dispensing machines. The result: Work flow in the new units has been significantly improved.
creates proprietary security software and touch screen kiosks known as Automated Dispensing Machines (ADMs) for dispensing music CD-Rs instantaneously.
Integration with other hospital applications, and with automated dispensing machines, is also a challenge for pharmacy system developers.
Robbins Scientific offers the Hydra automated dispensing machines and hybridization incubators.
Other enablers are administrative support (34%), automated dispensing machines (26%), additional pharmacy staff (17%), longer work hours (10%), receipt of Pharm.D.
Order processing, cart-fill distribution and point-of-care medication administration is streamlined and facilitated by pharmacy software that integrates with automated dispensing machines and other hospital information systems.
Technicians are helping pharmacists in such areas as preparing and ordering medications, operating automated dispensing machines, answering telephones and handling cash registers."
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