autologous transplantation

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autologous transplant

A generic term for the administration of tissues or cells, in particular bone marrow, which had been removed before high-dose chemo- and/or radiotherapy.
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au·tol·o·gous trans·plan·ta·tion

(aw-tol'ŏ-gŭs trans'plan-tā'shŭn)
Transplant involving one person as both donor and recipient.
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Autologous transplantation

A procedure wherein the person donates blood or tissue to themselves.
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(iii) carrying out autologous transplantation using cloned animals (mouse);
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Presence of graft versus host disease, delayed immune reconstitution and allogeneic transplantation compared to autologous transplantation are the most important risk factors.
There Are No Significant Differences in Cytokines Expression at Day 7 after MDC Autologous Transplantation. The dynamics of evaluated genes expression clearly demonstrate that upregulation of proinflammatory cytokines after autologous MDCs transfer is acute and transient.
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Intraspinal transplantation of human [CD34.sup.+] CB cells showed benefit in functional recovery after spinal cord hemisection in rats and suggested that [CD34.sup.+] CB cells might be an excellent choice of cells as a routine starting material of allogenic and autologous transplantations for the treatment of spinal cord injury66.
The company says in Europe, Mozobil is indicated in combination with granulocytecolony stimulating factor (G-CSF) to enhance mobilization of stem cells to the blood stream for collection and subsequent autologous transplantation inpatient with lmyphoma and multiple myeloma whose cells mobilize poorly.
But this strategy ignores certain limitations to autologous transplantation (that is, transplantation of one's own stem cells).
Mildred Pasek, RN, OCN[R], MM, ONS member and DFCI stem cell transplant research nurse, says that the distinguishing features of DFCI's program are its size and age; the availability of autologous, related, and unrelated transplants; the research programs in graft-versus-host prophylaxis and treatment as well as mismatched, double-cord transplants; the vaccine program; and the novel mobilizing agents the program has developed for autologous transplantation. In 2006, DFCI performed 190 allogeneic, 157 autologous, and 20 cord blood transplants.
Currently, units of UCB from donors with genetic diseases are not indicated for autologous transplantation. If a donor child harbors an inherited hematologic, immunologic, or genetic disorder, the unit would not be used because there is no expectation that it would be curative.
The most worrisome side effect of autologous transplantation is treatment-related malignancy.

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