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14,15 Autologous grafts are preferred for their short-term and longterm patency ratios (98%) and their resistance to infection.
Autologous grafts are harvested from the patient's own tissue--common sites are rectus fascia, fascia lata, or vaginal epithelium.
Augmentation Rhinoplasty with with Autologous Grafts.
30) These results correlating serum levels of CD44 in patients with NHL and B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia with clinical outcomes are consistent with the results reported here showing poorer outcomes in patients with various hematologic malignancies whose autologous grafts had increased levels of CD44.
However, at that same time, autologous grafts were given experimentally in dogs with lymphoma, leukemia and solid tumors (LUPU & STORB, 2007).

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