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Relating to autokinesis.


Relating to autokinesis.


(ot?o-ki-ne'sis) [ auto- + kinesis]
Voluntary movement. Synonym: autocinesiaautokinetic (-net'ik), adjective

visual autokinesis

The illusion that an object in space, esp. at night, moves as one continues to look at it. Thus, an aviator looking at a distant light may perceive that the light has moved even though it is stationary.
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Of course, the autokinetic invariance is not to be interpreted as a manifestation of harmonie preetablie between species.
Positions of these horizons on physical scales of length (space) and duration (time) may be approximately related by the autokinetic invariance (Section 2.
24) If this is the case, another interesting question would be whether there are invariance relations between space and time scale constants, holding at the outer horizons of spatial and temporal experience, similarly to the autokinetic invariance relation holding at the inner horizons.
For example, Sherif's (1937) studies of the autokinetic effect examined the emergence of group norms in an ambiguous situation.