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self-induced hypnosis; the act or process of hypnotizing oneself.


Self-induced hypnosis, accomplished by concentrating on self-absorbing thought or on the idea of being hypnotized.


1. The act or process of hypnotizing oneself.
2. A self-induced hypnotic state.

au′to·hyp·not′ic (-nŏt′ĭk) adj.


The use of the principles of hypnosis on oneself; autosuggestion requires complete relaxation, slow deep breathing and repetition of phrases (as used in non-self-hypnosis).
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Subsequent univariate F-tests for autohypnosis, autogenic training, breath control relaxation, blank meditation, bracing, centering, color for mood altering, cue words, focusing externally, focusing internally, goal setting, imagery/visualization, mantra meditation, music for psych-up, music for relaxation, positive selftalk, progressive muscle relaxation, performance recall, Transcendental Meditation(c), and thought stoppage were nonsignificant with F (1, 145) .085 - 1.00, p [greater than] .05.
In addition, the majority of subjects reported "never" using autohypnosis, autogenic training, blank meditation, bracing, color, cue words, mantra meditation, and Transcendental Meditation(c) for performance enhancement.
The dazed condition of such a man would surely approximate Will's condition of autohypnosis, amnesia, and alienation.
For reasons I can only speculate on, Chuck also developed an early interest in hypnosis; he once described a typical Honorton family scene: a young lad bidding an early good night to his parents and then going up to his room to stare at a candle for long periods as an autohypnosis exercise.
He stopped treatment at that point and continued autohypnosis with the aid of treatment audiotapes provided by his therapist.
The third phase is autohypnosis, learned as a response to a triggering cue such as closing the eyes and letting the eyeballs roll upward.