Relating to an individual or cell with two or more copies of a single haploid set; depending on the number of multiples of the haploid set, autoploids are referred to as autodiploids, autotriploids, autotetraploids, autopentaploids, autohexaploids, etc.
[auto- + -ploid]
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Felder hypothesized that the autohexaploid plant resulted from the union of an unreduced female gamete and a reduced male gamete.
The apparent diploid with 2n = 14 M forms quadrivalents in frequencies expected in an autotetraploid; the 2n = 22 is meiotically autohexaploid and the 2n = 28 and 30 types, auto-octoploid.
Agropyron contains about 10 species and includes diploids, autotetraploids, and autohexaploids. We did not analyze the hexaploids in this study.