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First metacarpal reconstruction with autogenous bone grafts from the iliac crest, fibula, and radius has been described previously [3, 5, 6,12].
Based on the evidence indicating potential bone graft losses, the aim of the present study was to investigate and compare the efficacy of autogenous bone grafts in the secondary alveolar region of individuals with CLP using 2 radiographic scales, as well as to observe the eruption of the permanent canine through the newly formed bone.
In an experimental study dog, it was observed that fresh autogenous bone grafts are incorporated rapidly and possess osteoinductive, osteoconductive and osteogenic properties (17).
Key Words: Maxillofacial reconstruction, iliac crest graft, Autogenous bone grafts, Postopertive pain, Gait disturbance.
Autogenous bone graft from iliac crest is effective solution for bone defect in tibia but the size of critical bone defect is limited.
But autogenous bone graft has limitations of morbidity or inadequate quantity.
[sup][2] Although autogenous bone grafts are the "gold standard" for spine fusion, [sup][3] significant progress has been made in discovering bone graft alternatives, including freeze-dried allograft, demineralized bone matrix (DBM), triosite ceramics, and bone marrow aspirate (BMA), which have been used as substitutes for iliac crest in AIS surgery.
After elevation of the sinus membrane on a random basis, on one side, Ostim (Heraeus Kulzer GmbH and 63450 Hanau, Germany) with 20% autogenous bone graft was used and on the other side Bio-Oss (Geistlich Pharma AG and 6110 Wolhusen, Switzerland) with 20% autogenous bone graft was applied.
The interior of the spacers can be packed with autogenous bone graft or allograft.
Comparison between the outer table and the intra-cortical methods of obtaining autogenous bone graft from the iliac crest.