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Chest physiotherapy in cystic fibrosis: a comparative study of autogenic drainage and the active cycle of breathing techniques with postural drainage.
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Autogenic nerve graft segments were most frequently collected from the sulnar nerve of the lower extremity.
In their study in patients, they used a combination of pharmacotherapy (Minor and major tranquilizers, and anti-depressants) as well as supportive psychotherapy, behavioural therapy and autogenic training.
A quantitative and cualitative pilot study of the perceived benefits of autogenic training for a group of people with cancer.
The ninth chapter is about relaxation techniques and discusses progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, self-hypnosis, and biofeedback.
It is possible that the increased intensity caused increased tension and consequent muscle-tendon autogenic inhibition due to the action of the Golgi tendon organs (6).
Toward the end of his exhaustive study he writes, "With the autogenic creation of self as our model, we have broken the spell of dualism by focusing attention on the contributions of both what is present and what is absent" (p.
The intention of the strategy is to improve immediately the performance of the specific occupation, activity, or skill; therefore, relax strategies differ from formal relaxation techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation (Hawton, Salkovskis, Kirk, & Clark, 1989) or autogenic relaxation (Ernst & Kanji, 2000).
Autogenic training: A mind-body approach to the treatment of chronic pain and stress related disorders.
The source of donor tissue can be xenogenic (divergent species), allogenic (same species, divergent individual), or autogenic (same individual).
I meditate or do yoga, autogenic training, or practice other methods of .