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, autogenic (aw'tō-jĕ-net'ik, jen'ik),
Relating to autogenesis.
Synonym(s): autogenous (1)
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(ot-o-jen'e-sis) [ auto- + genesis]
Self-generation. Synonym: abiogenesis
autogenetic (-je-net'ik), adjective
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Then there is a question: is Kademlia really suitable to build an autogenetic botnet in large scale?
The lineage, of course, is longer, for there is another, only partly visible autogenetic text here: Mode of Production and Social Formation is begat by Precapitalist Modes of Production which is begat by Reading Capital (which is begat by Capital); it all really begins with Capital, which is the ruptural moment with all things Marxian that go before.
The closing shot of The Truman Show, in Hammett's view, communicates that "as Truman steps outside of his media-created and -controlled womb, giving birth to himself, the film imagines the possibility of an autogenetic self, a self capable of repudiating the social structures that have so thoroughly constructed it" (2003, 79).