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Relating to or characterized by autogamy.
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It has been shown that there is no difference in fruit set between autogamously selfed flowers and flowers hand pollinated with an abundance of selfed pollen (Rathcke and Real 1993) on the same individuals that were included in our study.
All accessions produced seeds autogamously. Variation in flowering time compared with Dixie in the greenhouse was observed between some of the entries, with IMGV-1236 (Norcia), IMGV-2812 (Lubriano), IMGV2814 (Piansano), and IMGV-2817 (Vignola) being noticeably the latest flowering accessions and Rieti being the earliest flowering (Table 1).
High selfing rates have evolved multiple times in the genus Mimulus (Ritland 1989; Fenster and Ritland 1992, 1994b) and are consistently associated with a suite of floral characters, including the absence of herkogamy (the spatial separation between stigma and anthers) and the ability to set seed autogamously (Ritland and Ritland 1989; Dole 1992; Carr and Fenster 1994).