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Relating to or characterized by autogamy.
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% plants] fruiting] fruits] Fruit Autogamous 28 20 8 40 (a) Selfed 26 18 8 30.8 (a) Open 20 0 20 100 (b) Comparing all treatments Wilks' ([G.sub.2] = 36.93, df = 2, P < 0.0001.
According to Cruden's prediction (Cruden, 1977), low P/O values are common among autogamous species.
According to Wiess (1983), this species is predominantly autogamous. Nevertheless, crossing rates reported in some studies ranged from only 1 to 68% (ABDEL ALL et al., 1976; ASHIRI, 2007; FREE, 1993; SARKER, 2004; YERMANOS, 1980), evidencing the need for further clarifications in this regard.
Autogamous allohomoploidy in Alsophila and Nephelea (Cyatheaceae): A new hypothesis for speciation in homoploid homosporous ferns.
Tomato is also enlisted among the autogamous crops, which have undergone loss of genetic diversity due to intense natural and artificial selection during domestication (Saavedra et al., 2001; Akhtar et al., 2011).
Barely is an autogamous plant and one of the oldest members of family Poaseae.
virgilioides is primarily autogamous, which is a common feature among many species of Fabaceae (BORGES, 2006; NOGUEIRA; ARRUDA, 2006).
(1987), based on its floral morphology, proposed that it is an autogamous species , with a wind seed dispersion mechanism.
The genetic variability found in T.paniculata is similar to or higher than that usually found in cross-pollinated species, while autogamous ones tend to have much lower values of FIS value is low.
Kaufman lore plays out like an autogamous self-pollinating men's club.