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Relating to or characterized by autogamy.
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05) fruit yield as a function of the cross-pollination in relation to self-pollination contradicts Weiss (1983), who stated that sesame is a predominantly autogamous species, which could only and possibly present allogamy above 10%.
1987), based on its floral morphology, proposed that it is an autogamous species , with a wind seed dispersion mechanism.
paniculata is similar to or higher than that usually found in cross-pollinated species, while autogamous ones tend to have much lower values of FIS value is low.
Kaufman lore plays out like an autogamous self-pollinating men's club.
The Lima bean is an annual or short-lived perennial species, with a mixed mating system that is predominantly autogamous but with outcrossing levels up to 48% (Baudoin et al.
Our basic methodology is as previously described in which autogamous cells are collected by centrifugation and resuspended in a simple buffer.
Consequently, an increase in autogamous self-pollination may be achieved with little reduction of outcrossed male fitness (Rausher et al.
Pepper plants are preferably autogamous, diploid with 2n = 2x = 24 or 2n = 2x = 26 chromosomes and have pungency as a marking characteristic, which is attributed to the alkaloid substances, more specifically the capsaicinoids (MOSCONE et al.