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an expression of the longest dimension of an object, or of the measurement between its two ends.
crown-heel length (CHL) the distance from the crown of the head to the heel in embryos, fetuses, and infants; the equivalent of standing height in older persons.
Measuring an infant's crown-heel length. From Lammon et al., 1996.
crown-rump length (CRL) the distance from the crown of the head to the breech in embryos, fetuses, and infants; the equivalent of sitting height in older subjects.
cycle length in cardiac pacing terminology, the time interval in milliseconds from one event to the next; it is the inverse of the intrinsic rate (beats per minute) or the paced rate (pulses per minute).
focal length the distance between a lens and an object from which all rays of light are brought to a focus.
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focal length

In optics, the length from the lens to the point of focus of light rays passing through the lens.
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length, focal

The linear distance separating the principal focal point (or focus) of an optical system from a point of reference (e.g. vertex, principal point, nodal point). The first (anterior) focal length is the distance from the lens (or first principal point) to the first principal focus. The second (posterior) focal length is the distance from the lens (or second principal point) to the second principal focus. Symbol: f.In a spherical mirror the focal length f, i.e. the distance between the focal point and the pole of the mirror, is equal to half its radius of curvature r
= r/2Syn. focal distance. See principal focus; mirror; cardinal points; principal points; equivalent power; refractive power; sign convention.
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Figure 2 illustrates the basic structure of the proposed autofocus system.
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