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Exercising unlimited authority or control over the actions of a group.
[G. autokratēs, ruling absolutely, fr. autos self, + krateō, to rule]
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Supported by a small army of planning staff, Greber went about his business autocratically.
This finding is clear and unambiguous: Acting autocratically when participative behavior was called for had a negative impact on subordinates' perceived satisfaction with the decision-making approach and their projections about the likely effectiveness of the decision.
whither he had been "exiled" (1966-69), allegedly by the archbishop of New York, I found him to be fruitful in spiritual advice but, bereft as he was of appreciable pastoral experience, disappointingly impractical; a performer, not a listener; and one pledged to act democratically who acted autocratically.
Whether or not the present generation decides on a long-run plan democratically or autocratically, there is no way to guarantee they will not make mistakes that damage future generations: Maybe replacing cars with trains for our descendants is a mistake because solar powered cars would be as environmentally friendly as trains and more convenient.
The BDO had let the game slip and they were trying to run the game autocratically and I think that blazers ruin sports.
Majority rule is not a sufficient condition for democracy because a majority could rule autocratically by passing legislation that prevents minorities from voting.
For example, superiors are seen as making decisions autocratically and paternalistically.
That they should have happened at all shows the great discontent which unemployment and impoverishment had elicited in an autocratically governed population, generally acquiescent to its lot.