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Exercising unlimited authority or control over the actions of a group.
[G. autokratēs, ruling absolutely, fr. autos self, + krateō, to rule]
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Hasan Minhaj, an American comedian and host, maliciously implied that President Duterte is an 'autocrat' who 'every so often goes on a killing spree,'' he said.
BJP is just using patriotism as a cover to become an autocrat. This country is heading towards autocracy," he said at a press conference here.
For the autocrat, the nation is in a permanent crisis, with the enemy camping at the door.
Yet Trump has become an important symbol for white nationalists and bigots in America, and for autocrats worldwide.
In 2011, veterans Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, after 30 years in power, and Libya's Col Muammar Gaddafi, after 41 years, were shown the door.For the first time since independence, we now have a whole region, southern Africa, without a long-ruling autocrat.
For example, autocrats tend to dominate every conversation and workers are unable to reply to demands.
Unelected autocrats cannot easily afford to dissolve the ideological glue holding their ramshackle regimes together no matter how many riches we dangle before their eyes.
Yet he immediately faced pointed questions at home about whether he got little and gave away much in his push to make a deal with the young autocrat -- including an agreement to halt U.S.
But Putin's ambitions as a post-modern autocrat may be his Achilles' heel.
The complexities of Zimbabwe made this the most unusual of overthrows when it took a peculiar mix of military coup, political revolt, constitutional action and public protests to persuade the dogged autocrat to go.
"We have Russia ruled by what can only be called an autocrat, an unpredictable autocrat.