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Fatty acid composition had a major effect on the rise of peroxide value in the oxidation chamber, oils rich in monounsaturated fatty acids are usually more stable to auto-oxidation, and therefore, CO yielded the lowest peroxide value as compared to SBO and SFO.
The antioxidant capacity of b-carotene combined with a-tocopherol was inferior to a-tocopherol alone because its auto-oxidation weakened the effect of alpha-tocopherol.
Because of the pyrite auto-oxidation, fresh coal mine spoil is associated with high temperature, acid production and devoid of available organic nutrients, and expected to be inhabited by the extremophiles such as thermo-tolerant heterotrophs (Norris et al.
Auto-oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids is a complex self-catalyzing free radical chain reaction (Porter et al.
2) Several mechanisms seem to be involved in the generation of OS in the presence of elevated glucose concentrations; they include glucose auto-oxidation, enhanced glucose flux through the polyol pathway, and non-enzymatic and progressive glycation of proteins with consequent increased formation of glucose-derived advanced glycosylation end products (AGEs).
DO2 auto-oxidation postulate founded on the catalytic effect of Fe (III) .
19) The SOD activity was measured in chloroform-ethanol extract of haemolysate based on its ability to inhibit the auto-oxidation of epinephrine to adrenochrome at pH 10.
DPPH represents the free radicals generated in oxidizing systems such as the auto-oxidation of a lipid or other unsaturated substances.
Above 150[degrees]C, the dissolved oxygen forms free radicals, initiating auto-oxidation and leading to coke deposits.
Although LTX-diol identified as the peak II component isolated from ground corncob in this study is an auto-oxidation product of linoleic acid in animals, a cytosolic epoxide hydrolase can metabolize the epoxy fatty esters to their vicinol diols (Halankar et al.
Green tea, consumed primarily in Asia, is made from the steamed, dried, unfermented leaves, while the black tea more commonly consumed in Western countries is subjected to an auto-oxidation fermentation process after harvesting.