autistic thought

autistic thought

a form of thinking that is internally stimulated in which the ideas have a private meaning to the individual. Autistic thinking is a symptom in patients with schizophrenia. Fantasy life may be interpreted as reality.

Patient discussion about autistic thought

Q. I thought my 3 year son to be autistic and doctor gave a long list of test.. I thought my 3 year son to be autistic and doctor gave a long list of test.....I am worried as whether is it autism or something else. He is going for EEG, some gene test, blood test, hearing test, I guess what this problem is ….is it really autism?

A. before getting too excited- he is just doing tests. you didn't get positive results yet. and if you'll get them- being a father to an autistic child is not the end of the world, not all suffer severe autism. if he is really autistic- there are organization that can really help you understand what that means and how to help him. try them.

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Narration is provided in a very simple style that clearly outlines James' dilemmas and thought processes as he interacts with family and his new love Serena: a style that reflects autistic thought processes and embraces common fears and reactions to everyday life: "They were now watching the National Geographic Channel.