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The rules require that you make the information available to the authorized person or the person designated to use the results.
element-invisibleBusiness ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1"The recognition of traffic accident investigation report prepared by authorized persons, other than the policemen, could ease traffic after accidents as the waiting period for the response time and preparation of the report is lessened," he said.
Under the new regulation, a traffic-accident investigation report is a document prepared by authorized persons, which includes traffic officers, personnel or constables of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority provided that they are duly certified by the Land Transportation Office to have completed and passed the necessary course for traffic-accident investigation reporting.
The authority added that accordance to the rules, the registration applications of qualified foreign institutions will be received through licensed assessed persons: (financial institutions licensed by Capital Market Authority to practice dealing activity) and authorized persons referred to will be responsible to submit the application to the authority to register investor to be a qualified foreign investor effective from the date of registration at Capital Market Authority.
Ghoukassyan's authorized persons will not visit the polling stations either.
It operates under the Authorized Persons Regulations with license number 07068-37 granted by the Saudi Capital Market Authority and provides securities-related services, including brokerage, asset management and investment banking.
Simeonov, together with the Chair of the BCCI Court of Arbitration Silvi Chernev, presented to the US Ambassador and his staff the new electronic system of the court that provides long-distance access to authorized persons.
According to Islami, the call for performing open religious ritual (namaz) can only be instructed by IVZ's authorized persons.
In the interest of patient confidentiality, it is important that only authorized persons have access to medical information.
Regulated areas - calls for employer to set aside and mark areas whatever airborne exposures exceed PEL or STEL to limit access to authorized persons only.
In a 1991 Gallup poll, 43 percent of respondents favored a ban on handgun possession "except by the police and other authorized persons.
concedes the right of his authorized persons to seat between the members of election commissions and control over the voting process to

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