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1. The quality of being genuine and valid.
2. In psychological functioning and personality, applied to the conscious feelings, perceptions, and thoughts one expresses and communicates honestly and genuinely.
[G. authentikos, original, primary]
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Authentic Vision's next-gen anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions mitigate the threats of counterfeiting and fraud.
They describe how authentic writing is written for a real audience, for a real purpose, and in a real forum and provide background knowledge and pedagogical tools to help teachers teach writing in an authentic manner.
AHEAD of the primary elections of the All Progressives Congress (APC), into various positions and having failed in the bid to upturn the adoption of indirect voting system by the stakeholders of the party, some governorship and senatorial aspirants under the party in Bauchi State have raised an alarm that some elements within the party have embarked on moves aimed at doctoring the authentic list of delegates for the primaries.
KARACHI -- Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC) is launching a Smartphone-based application to fight the menace of quackery in collaboration with Authentic, a private entity, in Sindh province.
More modern theorists have begun to study the theory of authentic leadership as a contribution to the body of knowledge on leadership studies (Novicevic et al., 2006).
BFrom authentic Indian street food to spicy Mexican favourites and meaty American stacked burgers, it really does have it all.
Exploring emerging OT student leaders' perceptions of their leadership journeys and engagement with authentic leadership may provide insight into student leaders' implicit theories of leadership in a postcolonial context.
A canonical correlational study of transformational leadership and authentic leadership.
Sudanese universities do not include authentic materials to teach writing skills in English for work place curricula in spite of it is necessity to improve students' abilities in writing for work place.
We have good reason to believe that those leaders should be first and foremost authentic. Authentic leadership has clearly been called upon to improve the ethical bearing of today's leadership.