aurora kinase

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aurora kinase

an enzyme that plays a role as an essential regulator of cell division. Aurora A and Aurora B kinases are implicated in regulation of spindle assembly and correction of chromosomal segregation.
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Aurora kinase

Any of a family of three highly homologous serine/threonine kinases (Aurora kinase A, Aurora kinase B and Aurora kinase C), which play a critical role in regulating many processes that are pivotal to mitosis. Each has a different function in the control of mitosis. They are strongly linked to cancer progression, and while overexpression of Aurora A and B occurs in many cancers, neither is regarded as an oncoprotein (as oncogenic mutations are required to promote tumour progression).
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Deregulation of Aurora kinase gene expression in human testicular germ cell tumours.
Also In May, the drug giant made another acquisition to strengthen its cancer franchise by announcing an agreement to acquire AurKa Pharma, a company established by TVM Capital Life Science to develop oncology compound AK-01, an Aurora kinase A inhibitor that was originally discovered at Lilly.
AurKa Pharma was established as part of the TVM Life Science Ventures VII fund, to develop an Aurora kinase A inhibitor called AK-01, an oncology compound that was originally discovered through a Lilly research and development program.
AurKa Pharma is a company established by investment advisory and fund managers group TVM Capital Life Science to develop oncology compound AK-01, an Aurora kinase A inhibitor that was originally discovered at Lilly.
In a recent study of 25 prostatic adenocarcinomas with Paneth cell-like neuroendocrine differentiation, 45% showed amplification of the Aurora Kinase A (AURKA) gene, which was associated with a higher percentage of Paneth cell-like neuroendocrine differentiation throughout the tumor, ductal features and a higher Gleason score.
The Aurora kinase inhibitors in cancer research and therapy.
It is known that Aurora kinase A and JAK2 pathway activation contributes to GVHD.
identified varying frequencies of aurora-A and aurora-B expression in myeloma samples using Affymetrix DNA microarrays and presence of aurora-A expression was associated with inferior event-free and OS [38]; however, aurora kinase inhibitors have not been commercially available to translate this finding into clinical practice.
Kawai et al., "Phosphorylation by aurora kinase A induces Mdm2-mediated destabilization and inhibition of p53," Nature Genetics, vol.
Live-cell imaging of a Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based aurora kinase phosphorylation sensor revealed that midzone substrates were less phosphorylated in AAK-inhibited cells, despite the fact that midzone levels of active phosphorylated ABK (pABK) were normal.
While reverse transcriptase PCR analysis of aurora kinase1 gene showed an aberrant amplification at passage 1 and 2, immunocytochemical analysis revealed overexpression of aurora kinase B protein at passage 2 in the treated cells indicative of mitotic slippage by override of the checkpoint arrest through rapid exit from mitosis and defective spindle assembly checkpoint and aneuploidy resulting in genomic instability [35,46].

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