aurora kinase

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aurora kinase

an enzyme that plays a role as an essential regulator of cell division. Aurora A and Aurora B kinases are implicated in regulation of spindle assembly and correction of chromosomal segregation.

Aurora kinase

Any of a family of three highly homologous serine/threonine kinases (Aurora kinase A, Aurora kinase B and Aurora kinase C), which play a critical role in regulating many processes that are pivotal to mitosis. Each has a different function in the control of mitosis. They are strongly linked to cancer progression, and while overexpression of Aurora A and B occurs in many cancers, neither is regarded as an oncoprotein (as oncogenic mutations are required to promote tumour progression).
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Drugs and agents from several categories, such as Fms-like tyrosine kinase 3 (FLT3) inhibitors, Aurora kinase (AURK) inhibitors, and immunotherapy have been or are currently being studied in prospective clinical trials.
It is known that Aurora kinase A and JAK2 pathway activation contributes to GVHD.
Live-cell imaging of a Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based aurora kinase phosphorylation sensor revealed that midzone substrates were less phosphorylated in AAK-inhibited cells, despite the fact that midzone levels of active phosphorylated ABK (pABK) were normal.
The phosphorylation, or the addition of a phosphate group to a molecule, is carried out by an enzyme called Aurora Kinase, which has been observed to be present in unusually high levels in some cancers.
In December, Charlie was put forward for Aurora Kinase treatment, a trial drug, days after he drove down the aisle at his parents' wedding in his favourite remote-controlled car.
Last week he started Aurora kinase treatment at Birmingham Children's Hospital.
Scientists claim that the new drug, double-hits the AML cells and works by blocking the FLT3 gene and Aurora kinase protein.
His thesis was titled was "Relationship between Aurora Kinase C and Cancer".
It is the first time young people aged six months to 18 with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and acute myeloid leukaemia have received a pioneering class of drugs called aurora kinase inhibitors.
Among the topics are characterizing small-molecule kinase inhibitors in vivo, using analogue sensitive kinases and more specific kinase inhibitors as tools, kinase inhibitors in signal transduction therapy, aurora kinase inhibitors as novel treatments for cancer, cellular protein kinases as antiviral targets, and prospects for tuberculosis therapeutics targeting Mycobacterium tubercolosis phosphosignaling networks.
CYC116, an Aurora kinase and VEGFR2 inhibitor, is in a Phase 1 trial in patients with solid tumors.
Unlike other aurora kinase inhibitors currently being studied, MLN8237 selectively targets aurora A Kinase and can be administered orally, Dr Matulonis said.

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