auropalpebral reflex

co·chle·o·pal·pe·bral re·flex

a form of the wink reflex in which there is a contraction, sometimes very slight, of the orbicularis palpebrarum muscle to an intense sound.
See also: startle reflex.
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au·ro·pal·pe·bral re·flex

(awr'ō-pal'pĕ-brăl rē'fleks)
Brisk closure of the eyes in reaction to sudden presentation of a loud noise.
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a) Reflex responses and innate automatism: auropalpebral reflex and startle reflex
The results considered suggestive of central auditory involvement were as follows: exacerbated response; long latency response; difficulty in localizing the sound source in the absence of hearing loss; a lack of habituation to repetitive stimulation; no auropalpebral reflex in cases of normal hearing acuity [22].