, pl.


(aw'rid, aw'ri-dēz),
A skin lesion caused by injection of gold salts.
[L. aurum, gold, + -id (1)]
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Haddon (1935:88, 394) was informed that men from Aurid (Aureed Island), Massid (Yorke Island), Damut (Dalrymple Island) and Paremar (Coconut Island) in the Central Island group canoed up to 300km south to the Forbes Islands off the east coast of Cape York to quarry stone for the manufacture of club heads (Fig 1).
Furthermore, it is also consistent with Eastern Islanders moving into gabagaba production as Haddon (1935:88) reported that the Miriam-le (Murray Islanders) obtained '[Cape York] stones for clubs' from Aurid. Laade (1969:39, 1973:159) was also informed that Central Islanders traded Cape York 'clubstone' to the 'Murray Islanders'.
These articles were obtained by the Aurid [Awridh] men as well as by those of Masig, Damut [Dhamudh], and Paremar [Puruma], when they visited the islands off the east coast of North Queensland, particularly the Sir Charles Hardy group, and the Forbes Islands, whither they resorted every southeast season to live for a while and to barter.