auricular ligaments

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ligaments of auricle

the three ligaments that attach the auricle to the side of the head: anterior ligament of auricle (ligamentum auriculare anterius), which extends from the root of the zygomatic process to the spine of the helix; posterior ligament of auricle (ligamentum auriculare posterius), which extends from the mastoid process to the conchal eminence; and superior ligament of auricle (ligamentum auriculare superius), which extends from the superior margin of the osseous external acoustic meatus to the spine of the helix.
Synonym(s): ligamenta auricularia, ligamentum auriculare anterius, ligamentum auriculare posterius, ligamentum auriculare superius [TA], auricular ligaments, Valsalva ligaments
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auricular ligaments

The anterior, posterior, and superior auricular ligaments uniting the external ear to the temporal bone.
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Antonio M., Italian anatomist, 1666-1723.
aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva - a congenital thin-walled tubular out-pouching usually in the right or noncoronary sinus with an entirely intracardiac course.
teniae of Valsalva - the three bands in which the longitudinal muscular fibers of the large intestine, except the rectum, are collected. Synonym(s): teniae coli
Valsalva antrum - a cavity in the petrous portion of the temporal bone. Synonym(s): mastoid antrum
Valsalva ligaments - the three ligaments that attach the auricle to the side of the head. Synonym(s): auricular ligaments
Valsalva maneuver - any forced expiratory effort against a closed airway.
Valsalva muscle - a band of vertical muscular fibers on the outer surface of the tragus of the ear. Synonym(s): tragicus muscle
Valsalva sinus - the space between the superior aspect of each cusp of the aortic valve and the dilated portion of the wall of the ascending aorta. Synonym(s): aortic sinus
Valsalva test - when the heart is monitored during the Valsalva maneuver, there is a characteristic complex sequence of cardiocirculatory events, departure from which indicates disease or malfunction.
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lig·a·ments of au·ri·cle

(ligă-mĕnts awri-kĕl) [TA]
Three ligaments that attach auricle to side of the head.
Synonym(s): auricular ligaments.
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