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See aura.

auras (ōrˑ·z), energies that are believed to surround the surface of an object, reflecting the life force that permeates all living beings.

Patient discussion about auras

Q. Can visual aura alone be migraine? I'm 21 years old girl, and for the last six years, about once a week, when I wake up from night sleep all I see in my left eye is a very bright light. After some time my vision returns. In the last few weeks it became more frequent and also starts to happen in the other eye. I consulted my doctor and she told me it's not an important thing, and that it's probably a specific type of migraine. However, I don't have any pain at all. Does anyone else have this? Is it possible for migraine to occur only with aura, without any pain?

A. Hi,

I'm sorry to hear about your problem. Whatever your doctor told you, you should know that if it bothers you, it IS an "important thing". I also suffer from similiar thing (only visual disturbances after I wake up, without any pain), and when my doctor prescribed me meds they went away. You should consult your doctor again and ask him for a solution for this thing.

Q. My 21 year son has chronic sinus issues, I think, due to many high school sports injuries. Help! His ENT has recommended a "nose job" but our insurance will not cover it. Do you know of any holostic, nutritional or homeopathic solutions to keep this under control? When he gets a headache, it shuts him down and normally goes into a migraine.

A. One of the best, most inexpensive, ways to prevent, treat, and generally care for any sinus related problem is with a saline (salt water) sinus rinse. The one I use is called "Neil Med" and can be purchased at Walgreen's for about $15. It has a plastic bottle with pre-measured, pre-packaged salt that is should be mixed with cooled off sterilized (boiled) water. If I get an infection, using 2 or 3 packets to concentrate the solution gives the lavage a bacteriostatic (stuns/partially kills bacteria), not bacteriocidal (kills bacteria) quality. I do not own Neil Med although I wish I did!! The lavage method also washes out any dust, old mucous, you name it. It should be used prior to the use of any nasal steroid like Flonase if treating allergic rhinitis. Good luck!!

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Over the next 10 years, the women who had experienced migraines with auras had twice as many strokes and heart attacks as did women in the larger trial who had no history of migraines.
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