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See aural.


Related to the ear or sense of hearing.
Related to the ear or sense of hearing.
[L. auris, ear]


(or′ăl) [L. auris, the ear]
1. Pert. to the ear.
2. Pert. to an aura.
aurally (ă-lē)
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There's also the option of the aurally stimulating 4.
Fellow tenor Aaron Blake, far more aurally pleasing, took an arresting turn as the conniving Hervey.
Footsteps reverberate unnaturally as Hubbard walks across the nonspace of his set, and often we are aurally convinced that flows of paint gush with more gusto than the visual evidence would suggest.
A Webinar is an on-line seminar that uses your computer to bring information to you both visually and aurally so you are not just reading but actually having a live seminar experience.
The likeness between Rumours of Fleetwood Mac and the real thing - both aurally and visually - is said to be uncanny
Not only was it visually and aurally compelling, it seemed to be a bright green sprout in mainstream media.
Overseen by recording director Thomas Grimm, the recording is a pleasure both visually and aurally, with few flaws.
The entire group of 15 forms a triangular tableau ascending in height, one of the few moments of geometric symmetry in a visually and aurally ambitious, cacophonous dance that extends Morris' breadth.
The playtime of TOC varies between one and two hours: a marginal investment for this unique opportunity to explore the newest wave of digital literary media and to read a hard-hitting (and visually and aurally magnificent) rendition of one of the world's most ancient moral lessons: the distinctions between right and wrong fact and fiction created and imposed by humankind often toward bloody and ruinous ends.
It was the infancy of salsa, fundamented on the magnetic electricity between audience and performer, and captured on tape at the Red Garter, The Cheetah and Yankee Stadium, where the listener was aurally placed in front of the stage, thus assimilating the spirit of an era in which there was still an innocence to said music and dance.
For all of its cheeky rock opera attitudes, "Tommy" has never really been a blow-you-out-of-your-seat experience, visually or aurally.
TMC's latest Brake Assist engages when a driver suddenly applies the brakes in response to stop-sign-proximity warnings provided by the navigation system through its display screen and aurally.