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Related to the ear or sense of hearing.
Related to the ear or sense of hearing.
[L. auris, ear]
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(or′ăl) [L. auris, the ear]
1. Pert. to the ear.
2. Pert. to an aura.
aurally (ă-lē)
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Written etudes are only the beginning though--with more aurally or rote based modal exercises (Mary Had a Little Lamb in Phrygian mode, for example), the sky is the limit!
Lesson mode provides top-notch breakdowns of all the moves you'll need to hit the arcade encounters with half a chance of success and every subsequent competitive bout proves to be as visually mesmeric as it is aurally amazing.
Every aspect of this book is appealing, from the bold, bright cover and the interesting endpapers, to the visually and aurally rich text.
There's also the option of the aurally stimulating 4.0-litre petrol power plant on the Land Cruiser 79 Single Cab and Double Cab.
Shalva Mukeria, in the famously tenor-defeating role of Percy, started out glaring and nasal but improved enough to manage a quite passable "Vivi tu." Fellow tenor Aaron Blake, far more aurally pleasing, took an arresting turn as the conniving Hervey.
Footsteps reverberate unnaturally as Hubbard walks across the nonspace of his set, and often we are aurally convinced that flows of paint gush with more gusto than the visual evidence would suggest.
A Webinar is an on-line seminar that uses your computer to bring information to you both visually and aurally so you are not just reading but actually having a live seminar experience.
The likeness between Rumours of Fleetwood Mac and the real thing - both aurally and visually - is said to be uncanny
Not only was it visually and aurally compelling, it seemed to be a bright green sprout in mainstream media.
Says Smith, "Sextet works aurally. If there is one word off, the whole thing gets thrown out of whack." Why tell the tale with such exacting simultaneousness?
Overseen by recording director Thomas Grimm, the recording is a pleasure both visually and aurally, with few flaws.
The entire group of 15 forms a triangular tableau ascending in height, one of the few moments of geometric symmetry in a visually and aurally ambitious, cacophonous dance that extends Morris' breadth.