auditory threshold

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1. the level that must be reached for an effect to be produced, as the degree of intensity of stimulus that just produces a sensation.
2. that value at which a stimulus just produces a sensation, is just appreciable, or comes just within the limits of perception.
auditory threshold the slightest perceptible sound.
threshold of consciousness the lowest limit of sensibility; the point of consciousness at which a stimulus is barely perceived.
defibrillation threshold DFT; the minimum amount of energy in joules that will consistently terminate ventricular fibrillation.
fibrillation threshold the least intensity of an electrical impulse that will cause cardiac tissue to begin fibrillation.
pacing threshold the minimal electrical stimulus required to produce consistent cardiac depolarization.
renal threshold that concentration of a substance (threshold substance) in plasma at which it begins to be excreted in the urine.
sensing threshold in cardiac pacing terminology, the voltage of the minimum signal that consistently activates pulse generator function.

au·di·to·ry thresh·old

the level at which sound becomes audible.

auditory threshold

Etymology: L, audire, to hear; AS, threscold
the lowest intensity at which a sound may be heard. An audiologist typically determines a patient's threshold for pure tones and speech.

auditory threshold

The minimum audible sound perceived.
See also: threshold
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A key issue in the management of hearing loss in children who are identified at birth with severe-to-profound SNHL is the determination of appropriate target gain levels for amplification, which is based on auditory thresholds.
Carbon monoxide exposure potentiates high-frequency auditory threshold shifts induced by noise.
173) Furthermore, the concurrent systemic twice-daily administration of D-methionine and gentamicin significantly attenuates auditory threshold shifts in guinea pigs.
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