auditory localization

au·di·to·ry lo·cal·i·za·tion

in sensory psychology, naming or pointing to directions from which sounds emanate.
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[1] entitled "Development of Questionnaire for Auditory Localization" with great interest.
Much of this work takes place in AFRL's Auditory Localization Facility (ALF).
The combination of Denver II procedures, auditory localization and sound localization tests, and the SAB Scale is useful in characterizing child development.
We have investigated how R-PA affects key features of auditory neglect, namely performance on dichotic and diotic listening and auditory localization, and what the underlying anatomical constraints are.
Auditory localization in the vertical plane: Accuracy and constraint on bodily movement.
The purpose of our research is to understand how the visual condition of a person influences his ability of performing spatial auditory localization tasks.
The book then shifts to perceptual processes of visual and auditory localization, compensation and integration of sensory organ movement, face and emotion recognition, and attention.
The Dome Room was built for research in auditory localization (identifying the location of a sound or sounds) with a dense array of loudspeakers and can be configured to evaluate perception of sound in a dome-shaped space.
Studies about auditory localization in early stages of the child development
Auditory localization abilities in bilateral cochlear implant recipients.