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(dis-sing'kro-ne) [ dys- + synchrony]
Any disorder in the normal or expected coordination of timed events.

auditory dyssynchrony

Auditory neuropathy.

neuromechanical dyssynchrony

Any difference between the respiratory support provided to a patient by a mechanical ventilator and the patient's breathing. In neuromechanical dyssynchrony, the inspiration of the ventilator is typically longer than the patient's. This difference is referred to colloquially as “fighting the ventilator.”

patient-ventilator dyssynchrony

Failure of synchronous interaction between a patient's neurally controlled breathing and the timing of a mechanical ventilator.
See: patient-ventilator interaction
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Auditory dyssynchrony or auditory neuropathy: Understanding the pathophysiology and exploring methods of treatment.
Auditory dyssynchrony, also known as auditory neuropathy, is a condition where transmission of sound impulses including speech sounds is not in proportion or synchronous from the inner ear to the brain thus leading to interrupted sound signals leading to understanding problems in the individual.