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Preoperative Photo and Endoscopic View of the Occluded External Auditory Canal
In temporal bone CT, EAC cholesteatoma is shown as a soft-tissue tumor within the auditory canal, bony invasion, or destructions of the middle ear and adjacent structures [5, 18].
When indications are rationally selected, retaining the bony external auditory canal by skilled surgeons is more conducive to preservation of ear morphology and reconstruction of normal tympanic and acoustic structures compared with traditional radical treatment protocols.
5) They occur mainly in the middle ear cleft but have also been reported intracranially and in the external auditory canal.
The individuals of both patient groups were submitted to a thorough physical examination and a detailed revision of the auditory canal.
Symptoms of Otitis externa, an infection of the outer ear, include inflammation, itching, pain, and a feeling of fullness that may occur when water, sand, dirt, or other debris get into the auditory canal.
Biopsy material from the brain tumor demonstrated an immunohistochemical staining pattern similar to that of the auditory canal tumor.
It can lead to ballooning of external auditory canal which may even cause smooth erosion of bony canal rarely affecting the deeper structures.
Otoscopic examination revealed that a soft-tissue mass with a smooth surface was occupying the entire external auditory canal, and a stalk was adhering to the posterior wall of the canal (figure 1).
28%) cases, and injury to the posterior wall of the external auditory canal was reported in 14 (0.
This forms a grey-brown to greyish-black coloured thick substance, which gets deposited over and along the wall of superficial and deep external auditory canal.
A computed tomography (CT) examination showed the tympanic cavity and the bone of the external auditory canal were not involved (Fig.

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